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The benefits of EquiXclusive:

EquiXclusive offers you a high quality wireless instruction system. This system is small, light and has a very clear connection! The facts about EquiXclusive:

opsomming-icoon Range up to 250 meters
opsomming-icoon A very lightweight system
opsomming-icoon The small design makes it very comfortable
opsomming-icoon Continuous connection between rider and coach
opsomming-icoon Noise-free and easy adjustable volume
opsomming-icoon  On the way chargeable with the 12 volt car-charger
opsomming-icoon  Comfortable flexible earphone
opsomming-icoon  Can also be used for clinics through speakersystems
opsomming-icoon  At least 8 hours of non-stop use
opsomming-icoon  Including a solid aluminum case

In short, no reason to opt for a more expensive alternative!

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